3 october
posted : (full) Is. 26: the ‘mole chapter’ : written by Esau about Esau
… we never encountered this — telling how he wars Jacob , so that we will
not obtain our Originals ; how he comes to earth to do his job  – 
working to invite the nations (‘of spirits’) to conquer and rule earth :
we strongly feel that the mere existence of this chapter is a Sorcery ‘mole’ 
as a hook for evil to cling to – different as the other ‘just corrupted’ chapters ,
but because you and we have understood it , it is Legally undone as of today
dream : several times ‘2’
.. perhaps related to this Is. 26 one — since sunday evening a sickening spell
throughout the body (today with heavy dizziness) and this happened very often
but stopped some year ago , so what is happening ? ; strange is also that He
was kind the 26th (-July) : related to this Is. 26 ..? [and Oct.26 is new moon] ;
dreamt chaotic — a theatre was organized as wedding event but it was a mess :
the public was seated but we still ran to clean up the stage , then the ill female 
star came to us for medicines [for lungs?] and she started her performance
[strange was that the – kind – organizer of the wedding was about to start the
play indifferently whether the ones on the stage were ready or not …]
.. – I’d gone outside (and was Vienna now) but lost the way , looking to a church
tower for cardinal directions but then saw a policeman and asked him : however 
he and his mate both violently started to chase me the way up in a stair house
    – next dream showed an empty double bed in ugly brown , there were two
prints – of white magnesium – of hand palms at the head , prints of one of the 
two women on fours to be raped by an evil figure (an actor , forgot the name) 
and I didn’t see this woman but knew it was artist name ‘Blanche Devereaux’ 
as Rue mcClanahan ; a third dream also had a ‘two’ theme but I woke tired
    – can it be about ‘two weeks still’ .. ? ; the ‘hurry at the wedding evening’ 
is obvious , the ‘ill female’ can mean that many of our girls here are exhausted ;
the unusual ‘Vienna’ (‘white’ !) to the east of here is ‘the other Reality’ , both
officers are ‘demons’ (=always in dreams) and ‘chasing’ cause it’s not over – yet ,
but then again ‘fleeing upwards’ in a stair house is positive …
    – the other one should be about ‘our female Originals’ and one can only hope
that ‘two’ relates to ‘weeks’ ; interestingly the artists’ (!) real name is ‘sorrow’ (Rue)
and ‘sorrowful’ (fr. Leanach) + son : not only two similar names but reading 
as “the sorrowful one of the sorrowful son” , hence it must be about our
female Originals [son=males] – being the same exhausted as in the first dream …
 … and again the ‘white’ as in ‘Blanche’ and the white prints – usually magnesium
is applied by athletes on their hands ‘to get a better grip’ , sic , where the ‘white’
just represents ‘eden’ ? ; while ‘the hand’ (‘doing’) is “two [weeks of] doings”… ? ;
… you’ll excuse the log’s length , it’s difficult to think straight atm ;
just let it be in two weeks Sir please and not another month after that ,
we all wait as best we can for you but it will never be alright until you take us 



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