3 september
.. what is true in the picture is the grey sky
and the seemingly neverending journey —
what is not true , is the road : there is none
there just isn’t one
… Esau so thoroughly corrupted every chapter
that every single line causes the same problem :
what the fk could have been written here
(we know you don’t mind the expression Sir)

…these Hosea chapters have 1 consistent theme :
this foul useless body of ours ;
therefore the subject MUST BE coherent
in spite of his many corruptions —
it is not we “who change the content at own will”
but he turned the chapters into Senseless gibberish
– the only option for us is going forwards
by looking backwards … per vid ,
literally ‘as (telling) the end – from the beginning”

… read for yourself the KJV version ,
and tell how what is said there makes ANY fkn Sense ?! ;
yet (even) pastors parrot us Esau’s version ,
showing how deeply corrupt “the (religious-) mind” is
– which is exact the very theme in Hosea

… Sir we never blackmail you
even restoring your own words , we’re still a mess
– get us Out , just get us out

(credits in link)



3 september
to show you that you are not alone
… with a bouncing rate of give or take 30%
you and we would still be a gang of 600
– not unlike Gideon and his small company –
and considered the theme at hand
coupled with the fast rising number of visitors ,
you are certainly not alone




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