3 september
Esau ritually killed us today .
.. bit long – and yes we pondered it ;
imagine :
some Esau stooge having bad intention walks into a store called ‘Countdown’ ,
but ‘fortunately’ he is shot dead “withn 60 seconds”
read : before the countdown ends ;
at the question “but why the police didn’t shoot him sooner” , “Coster said that
the police had to keep some distance [..] to make surveillance effective”        [3] ,
read : they waited until he had attacked 6 ;
though it’s presented as if the stooge “had radical ISIS ideas” , the PM stated
that “it was carried out by an individual – not a faith or religion” ,
read : skip the ‘Isis’ cover Esau created ;
Esau’s NYtimes has a much better slip-up : “[..] had been known to security forces
since 2016 . She [=PM] described him as a “lone actor” who had been under
constant monitoring because of concerns about his ideology” ; meaning WE .
read : ‘lone’ is ALWAYS about WE – since several years already ,
and now you also understand where this Ritual is heading :
the patsy left (=represents) his residence “Glen Eden” (‘shining Eden) to go attack
[the supermarket in-] Glenn Lynn (“valley” =earth , ‘valley of death’) ,
read : ‘what’ he attacked were not ‘people’ : but the 666 :
6 people attacked , + 60 (seconds) + [201]6 (year)
because this is the crucial part of the ‘countdown’ of Esau ;
while his Dailymail co UK made sure that ‘attention is given to the numbers’ :
(in one paragraph, verbatim) : “two officers were involved […] , three victims [..] ,
at least 20 Countdown customers fled [..] where 45 patients awaited their jab ,
[..] at least 10 police units were quickly to the scene” etc                                          [1]
— conclusion ?
… you get us out Sir please
we don’t cáre whatever he plots , we see it anyway — just promise us

UPD. 4/9 :
name released as : ahamed aathil mohamed samsudeen ;
“the praised / firmly rooted one(s)        +             (=144,000)
praising / the sun of the (=their) religion”
[so , not Mystery-Babylon as this sun Râ] ;
but note because of the deliberate corrupt spellings ,
even glyph SEMSU can be related : as ‘firstborn(s)’ ….



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