30 april
posted : Heb. 11 : (start of main theme)
after Eden fell Adam is alive ,
working for the demon-nations ;
Noah relocating to this earth
+ the symbology by Abraham

part II : the 144 discover eden ,
then demons will invade earth

occult Shamhain Ritual :
… we’re tired and will give you just the keyterms of this ‘Israel event’ ;
MSM is very sure there were “100,000” visitors (but 10,000 was allowed !) ,
and Esau’s MSM mentions (everywhere) ‘at least 45 deaths’  –
yet FOX knows it are ’44’ and also DM (below) mentions 38 + 6 deaths ;
just do the math and another 144,000 Ritual shows ;
… note also a number of other peculiar terms including “death avalanche” ,
and know that ‘a literal stampede’ is easy to arrange — 
and that Esau certainly would sacrifice his own people