30 april
… apart from his latest Fatima / Ukraine one ,
Esau’s occult Rituals have dwindled the past year  –
nothing compared to the hit after hit against the 144 
until a year or so ago
– it leads us to think that he has given up ;              >>
the G66 will be – subconsciously – read as 666 
(and is confirmed in the clip by the devil type figure) ,
while the doodle page clearly searched to go link to
the theme “(the road to-) the Grapes of Wrath” ; 
coupled with the broken down car writing “The End”
this doesn’t sound like a self-confident Ritual 
but almost like a … defeatistic announcement
…..that said ;
with every posted spell we defeat them monsters Sir …
yet in turn these evil empty days are murdering us …
promise you don’t wait and get us out … say it is now





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