1 may [below] : the “non-144 crowned” and we imprisoned — the 6 may occult Ritual 

30 april
posted : Jn.1 (full) (-to 2) : history and future

… so John 1 succeeded – as intro of the alleged ‘Cana wedding’ ,
while she came out as a marvellous chapter ,
and next is to see how far we can come with the John 2 still  —
please see how ‘the covenant (-at mt. Horeb)’ more and more
is solidified as a central point and thus supporting our date ;
tomorrow we’ll try post a fractal calendar concerning this
      … always forgive us Sir … it’s there now what you said ,
      and it’s a good feeling that Esau finally has Lost
      yet though the contents are promising , it strikes us as
      strange how can you be that Silent  during these days 
every context shouts that the time indeed is Unleavened …
but , please , confirm that final 5%

1 may : the “non-144 crowned” and we imprisoned — 6 may   
… in the (temporary disabled-) page we said that there is “a copy-144” working for
the other realm , in a neck to neck race with us , waiting their event ;
Esau’s last ditch attempt is the crowning where ‘Charles III’ represents the copy-144 :
— in the official liturgy , page 12 , [1] 
     shows the quote of Luke 4 from Isaiah about “the acceptable day” — our date ,
     as a text part of the Ritual since it has , even stretched , nothing to do with a king ;
— the intro is the same Weird , page 3 , 
      “Young Person (Chapel chorister): Your Majesty, as children of the Kingdom of God 
      we welcome you in the name of the King of Kings” ;  
      in spite of the obfuscating comment to right , it’s clear whom he has to represent ,
— and Esau even made it into an interactive occult Ritual :
     “the ceremony has been modernized to include the first ever Homage of the People – 
      a sentence that everyone in the country and millions watching around the world will
      be asked to say, to show commitment to the new monarch.” ;
      thing is , it replaces ‘the homage of peers’ swearing allegiance – therefore the millions
      will “swear [=Ritually confirm] to that which Charles was made to représent”… see ?
      since they will say “I swear that I will pray allegiance to your majesty , and to your heirs (!)
      [and successors] according to law. So help me God.”  —
      but because of the Ritual “law”, his “heirs” are now “the non-144” ;  
— let’s not forget “the stone of destiny” , sic ,
      it directly links to our heavenly stone , and though theirs is a fabrication ofcourse
      with its supposed relation to Jacob (sic) , in Ritual sense it is a valid supportive aspect ,
— the ‘invitation’ has a figure “the Green Man” of Celtic mythology referring to “rebirth” — sic ,
—  while the aspect of ‘144’
      was added by Adam’s Vatican through that sigil in that cross representing us through
      her sermons as us imprisoned by the Celtic Knot sorcery ,
      as the cross that will go ‘in front of Charles III’ since he will serve that (-concept)   
let’s throw a wrench into that , shall we
such a lousy sh*tday , must be Beltaine .. finally drinking some



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