30 january
the eden moon
[posted : Pyr-Txt 517 and 566]
… only by pursuing one can get lucky                    —
you know that Enoch describes eden’s binary
sun and moon system , circulating in the south 
around mt. tsiun ; 
many (!) spells mention ‘a field’ as ‘an island’
in which “the energy of the vessel is tapped off”,
the context shows that the latter is ‘the eden moon’ ;
this field is also called “the forest of blue trees”
and we tried to give you a visual , to right           >>
where the ‘arcing’ is a forced discharge of energy ;
… now please ,
we’ll need an introduction page about this theme as one likely to be updated frequently
because this theme links to a host of óther glyphs and terms , as clarifying those
(which is often a good sign that the main theme is correct – and that is very encouraging) ; 
while the search for this eden moon is not in vain , 
– we still need to understand the Isaiah moon chapters better
    (as well as the related ones in Zecheriah,  Haggai and in the NT) , 
– it may well be
    that the Revelation woman stands upon the eden moon — not on this earth’s one 
    (remember “the góds (=spirits) standing upon the moon” in the CT spell ?) ;
– and another major point :
    they describe this (monthly-) stealing of his energy as the source of their ânkh-life   —
    it is one of the oldest and most important attacks upon eden in order for them ‘to live’ :
    remember please that God said to Adam ,
    that He “will stop the eden-waters coming to Adam – so that he will die”  —
    could that , would that happen ,
     when we found (“closed”) théir construct bringing ânkh life to their matrix realm …?



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