30 january
… your Majesty … please ; after lots of pondering ;
the sphere around has so drastically changed … – it’s like the fluttering 
consciousness had to hunker down inside a house as protecting herself
for the raging tornado outside — going on for many months — yet now the
storm has ceased , it also has taken away the roof of the house 
              and she still hunkers down … wondering what to make of this all …
              yes some oppressive spiritual blanket is gone – which should be positive  :
              but this weird new situation is not an improvement … leaving more
              questions than answers , while you are at an unreachable distance

no it’s no whining nor complaining , you know that … but just trying to grasp
this new situation … – does this mean that our job – so far – is done ?
but if  so , would you still wait three more months ? or is that our idea ?
              the original situation hásn’t changed though … – we’re still locked in this
              ape and you’d still need to forgive us very much … but now you’re so far
              away the only option for her is to keep remembering  what it was all about ;
              which is … a rather unexpected poor situation , really
she knows that you have not  changed — but nothing is alright till you show



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