30 july                                                                                                                           [post + event + dream] 
posted : searching Eve – part I : in the Spells
[perhaps you are reluctant to this but we do search everywhere] 
… showering and waiting these days … you know  how careful I am telling these
type things : on bed , pondering these themes , my body felt a change and I felt 
‘the attention’ of something next to the bed , bowing over to look like one does by 
an ill person : for 1-2 seconds it may have seen my soul [or what’s left of it] 
and knew all I was , knew , learned , etc ; it had no ‘signature’ so I cannot say 
‘it was Eve’ but there was something like a big halo around its head — or “curls” ?
… pondering how perhaps – it’s always ‘perhaps’ – she was given a tour to see us :
a tour to all you males of us  … I fell asleep at dawn and woke with a dream :
in North-America was to be held a conference ‘for a week’ [=and ‘this week’ ?] 
organized ‘by real [christian-] males’ : so no  pastors or whatever but the ‘biker with
golden heart type males’ , the theme was ‘the Nativity’ and they would present it 
[by incredible chainsaw art?] as the most pure form of the christian theme
without any Woke or denominational opinions or whatsoever ;
        now – in all dreams through the years ‘North America’ represented the manchild ,
        and the Nativity could be our event  : not necessarily ‘in December’ ;
it ended a bit strange : the surname of the spokesman of the males was ‘Cigar’ 
and “that was really true because his son had died recently” 
IMO it means this : the Dutch saying “be the cigar” [read: ‘be the d*ck’]  said when
something Negative happens was ‘the death of the son[s] to the cigar’ , sic ,
and therefore the spokesman represented [all] the son[s]
         today … utter Silence again .. let’s hope it’s all true and that she will speak  soon ;
         don’t stop pleading please


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