30 may                                                                                                                          +/- 24 days
[Gospels] : ‘the gleaning in the the grainfield’ : Christ telling us the feast of Weeks is our date
… so very carefully having approached these lines … and the result must be correct   —
thing is , the section demanded  this outcome , see , both by the action (the field of grain)
and the explanation (-into the future) … Christ always was very confident in you and we
and that’s sweet to read and therefore we ofcourse neither let Him down (-here)
yet it feels … as if we just put our head on the block .. – does that make sense ?
since there’s no way back now  concerning the last day of Weeks (-and will  it happen …?)
             your Majesty .. everything around , that sphere , is so silent the past days ,
             as if the ugly sea retreated all her waters before a wave will come …
             not that there’s the threat of the wave – but just ‘the Nothing’ … as if it all retreated …
             perhaps – hopefully – that’s a good  sign … but the soul , or what is left of her ,
             doesn’t know anymore what is up and down due to all those changes ;
             all she knows is to keep looking in your direction and keep on listening
             protect all of us and forgive , immediately , always 



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