(30 oct. – continued)
(sorry it’s a bit long – but themes seem to merge now ..)
– only the final part of the dream remained :
.. with a few others I stood at the gate of some compound , as a fenced field
containing some sheds – it wasn’t exactly a prison but it was prison-like ;
to my left a girl walked by , 16-18 y old , she was like ‘the warden of it’ ,
but what struck me was her beauty and the innocence of her being ,
as if she never in her life encountered any fight or loss or strife still ;
the scene changed , and she stood close next to me — and i woke
— not understanding the dream nor the girl
… the next hours
the soul had a ‘pain’.. a ‘burden’ , as if it was glued to , or enveloped the soul
(not like ‘a burden in the heart’ — that one stopped functioning years ago) ,
and though I asked Him i could not right away identify this pain

then I stumbled upon Melissa’s video , to right ,
and heared in her words the very same theme  —
mason (!) jar .. covered place.. tiger (=demon) …
little girl .. school … and yes she was spot on ; 
what she says was almost .. an answer from Him 
later the morning Anna mailed that she ‘saw’ something 
(which álso became very rare during the past years) , describing a very pretty
and sexy young woman , long darkblonde curls , wearing a [quote] ‘white fitting
lycra dress which had the lines of glitter (sequins) what were like veins’ , 
and those remembered her to the patterns in the posted picture in previous log 
— so we discussed “it could be that same girl – but now restored” .. ?
(as “the soul – that younger girl – having received her Gorgious (-body) now”)

after that , this was posted , to right ;
though he is a Vatican Troll , the first part is true
(yet nano in food isn’t new but is part of the trolling)
it was the wording he used – ‘war on children’ ,
just as Christ hates the war on children , saying 
it “would be better that a millstone…”     —
now ; the millstone in prophets relates to the fall
of Mystery-Babylon : but can the same be true
for this earth when His children-souls are touched ..?
in dreams of others , during the past months (so we can NOT verify that)
showed the theme of “all the young children had left , disappeared” , 
where “parents were frantically searching for their children” , or dreams 
about “people in a dark world without the children”, read, after the ‘rapture’ ;
the theme “the age of accountability” keeps coming back to us  —
do the SRA (sra-ritual) children represent all the children below accountability ..? ;
is it because of this group that He wont allow all the others to be hurt ,
but will rescue them ALL because of the attribute of the sra-destined ones …?
… you understand we’ve only móre questions now ,
but we surely want to Legally connect to that sra-destined little sweet souls
and pray that He get them out (-with us) – and together with the other children ;
… almost as if … these are ‘the little 144’ , getting théir generation out … ?

sorry if phrased poorly … but this theme is very new …
– is this what the mid-September dream was about ? nót directly ‘the 144’ 
but indeed “younger and older children – as that saved sundayschool class” ..?

in closing  —
because the above theme indeed seems to be directly linked to our escape ,
the UN-dinosaur links to Esau’s november Time magazine cover   —
the start of his Rezet is shown behind (=read : following) the cop26 meeting [1] ,
and this is supported by Buffoon Boris forgetting his script : ,
“civilization could collapse like the Roman Empire”  [2] ,
which is Esau’s PROMISE for ANY DAY NOW — and has no fck to do with ‘climate’
(exept that a new climate – read : a new evil dimension – will start) ;
we have circumstantial evidence that “december 2021” was the ultimate enddate ,
which Esau disarmed with his 2012 Maya ritual – if you remember those years ,
but that theme must be for another post …

in the mean time , our Sir
dont be angry with us for being imprisoned in this 2.0 ape
we really wait until you will say anything , while fighting off Legal traps ,
get us out Sir .. – and that group of children and the rest of them
(aka ‘the Dark Winter’)




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