29 october
posted : Jer. 1 + 2:1-3 : Jacob invoking the demonic realm
… today and tomorrow as the high days of Samhain
we’ll have millions of souls interactively complying with 
the occult Ritual of Esau’s Doodle searching to capture 
spirit-flames before the moon ends ; where the ‘moon’ 
is ofcourse ‘the 6th seal’ and the rest you can guess   —

linked to this is the Seoul Ritual where Esau caused 144 (-now 151) souls being
pushed to death in similar confined spaces as the Doodle in a district as a name 
linked to ‘children’ : showing the massacre he will inflict – again – upon thousands 
of our poor SRA young children these days with the only goal to stop us ;

you so deeply hurt us ; you say , also in this chapter , that you want nothing else 
as having your gorgeous people back as they dwelt in your garden but in spite of 
our soul waiting for you until go-no-more and listening to you until she is deaf
you do not come to us as you promised
and you make her to feel hopeless , sinking down in her own iniquity ,
barely having courage to even speak to you
         why , please , would you not stand up , and erase her shame .. ?

she knows your rather condescending “you make my altar wet with your tears
(-yet you refuse to hearken to me)” — it is not that , because she does ; she knows
that your voice is like a hundred tornados to her because she heard ,
what , please , she needs to do or understand more before you will decide to please
be kind to us who wait for you … please ? 


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