31 december

… perhaps it’s best to refrain a while from posting .. – or from the site , alltogether ,
until a change in the situation could occur
– that 9th month theme was so crucial … it was so possible .. made so much sense
… it was never about ‘date setting’ – you know that … it was the ultimate life line … 
but now that seems to have passed , the abyss of total Emptyness has opened up

and this time that one can’t be defeated .. – nothing is worth reading or knowing ,
Esau’s masterplan is crystal clear but chewed out and frankly … boring ;
while most christian sites or YT channels  have. no. life. in. them.  —
or , rephrased – but the same true – have too much self life still ,
though a handful of them genuinely wait for Him , but do so … out of own power :
but where is the manual for souls who are way past those Tricks and cannot …?
– life
breathing life , living life … isn’t that what we’ve searched for all this time ? ,
even up to the point – who would have thought ? – to restore the word of God ,
just like He said : they will find it – because it will be a matter of life or death to them ;
and having experienced the contours of the Original appearing around the soul ,
as if she dwells in a perfect being seemingly created out of gold dust ,
the limbs not moving ‘by the own will’ of the soul but “moving fór her” ,
feeling as if the Gorgious is a constant gift to her just as God is a constant gift to her ,
the Gorgious immediately responding to every thought and emotion of God Himself

life …
all of this we know … and look where we are now … STILL NO LIFE
– being tipsy 24/7 is probably wrong … but nothing else is able to numb the emptyness
and the thirst of the depleted soul still imprisoned in this f*cking apeframe
… while she fears the dissaproval of her own deity “for not fighting hard enough”  —
yet , pray tell , WITH WHAT then ?
when does it end ?
what can troops do when – finally – they simply ran out of bullets ?

the soul can be angry at you – and yes she was – and no you don’t mind that – 
yet at the end of the day it is you who will have to grab her out of this dirty prison ;
the Original for her is the being you created , the environment for her you have made ,
and she would not have emotions and thoughts if you wouldn’t give yours to her
… – this is who you are – our deity

then please stop being so angry with us … by hiding yourself and not responding 



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