(31 oct. — continued)
looks positive — we posted same woman few weeks ago ,
note the “little girl who is on my team” where the ‘dressing’
obviously means getting ready for something ;
the male – the legal – can now have “both attributes”
represented in both shoes , ready to go
… yes true it is ‘but’ a dream

the Dana problem
the woman is credible – we just don’t hope she has ány spiritual link to the
pastor Dana Coverstone [which she links to on the page] because the latter
has now gone fully Deluded : in his 4 weeks ago dream “the Specialist” 
he mistakes the Gaia-type entity for Jesus , and once you know this
you see that “the mark as a fingerprint of blood put upon his forehead” 
is the 666 jab given by the Beast — this new ‘blood’ exists because of
the “purchased ones” (according to the Specialist) , referring to the persons
who were in secret experimented upon earlier in the dream ,
and this latter group definitely relates to the main theme we care about now ;
an even móre creepy video (called ‘towers, trains and chains’)  he describes
“an auction done by masked elite”, then “underground tunnels and trains” ,
then “the skin peeled off America” after which shows “blood-red ground” ,
“many serpents hiding in tunnels” and “the dragon” , and notice “the root” theme
which also we mentioned in previous logs       —
anyone familiar with SRA will recognize ‘the auction’ while the subsequent
themes speak for themselves ; the entity giving him It’s message ofcourse
simply hides his real message in “the dragon being China” etc ;
this all is
the ultimate mockery of the entity with (believing-) Jacob souls ,
in order for him to gain Legal right by vampiring upon their declarations ,
by making them to connect to the entity’s desire , here through ‘given dreams’ ….
No : we ofcourse have nothing against the guy himsélf    —
it’s just that Jacob souls who live in the flesh are easily deceived ;
compare his latest dream where ‘the fire’ is “the crýstalline awareness” (!)
which will be given in the Trib by the Dragon to Jacob souls
(and the 5 NÓT on fire in his dream are the REAL Jacob souls….) ;
… in closing ,
the theme of DUMB’s, migrants, children, SRA, etc is very disturbing when you
investigate it (and also difficult-to-sift-true-from-false) 
but you can be sure that the entities and Esau have ramped up their hidden 
evil practices through the roof by now  — a line in Ezekiel comes to mind – 
though said about Mystery-Babylon – in the cooking pot chapter , 
“come on, increase your sacrifices , until the pot blows !”
… and again : WHY it would be different upon [=inside] this earth right now … ?


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