4 april                                                                                                                                                                                35 days
posted : (85%) : Dan.7 & 8 (one chapter) : the history of eden and her future — amazing
… the first time we seriously attacked both chapters – and the result is flabbergasting :
you will immediately see why Esau was hellbent on corrupting “the general overview” ….
– will be completed (and some more chiseled upon) during the next days
then ,

6th leg in Adam’s Vatican mega Ritual : ‘we being arrested’ [=stalled]
… please see the pic and you understand right away what it is all about    —
past Sunday was “palm sunday” (the “triumphal entry”) yet Esau’s entire
homily bizarrely focused upon ‘abandonment’ [1] as if ‘one week too early’ ,
with lines as I think back to some weeks ago, that man, called homeless,
a German man who died under the colonnade alone, abandoned. He is 
Jesus for each of us.”
translated : Esau Ritually connected you and me through the “abandonment”
theme that belongs to ús these days , with the today arrested man , to right ,
indicating him by ‘the German man’ (Drumpf) “under the collonade” : a series
of columns carrying a roof, an entablature , arches or … a triumphal arc ;
he only ritually “died” because he is ‘Jesus’ now : “saviour”, and behold :
(yet tweet seems a fake)

2/4 “Some [..] compare Donald Trump’s legal woes to Jesus’ suffering” [2] ;
we always said that Esau tries to stall us with his occult Rituals
and quotes as “[as] a strategy of ‘delay, delay, delay’, […] David Shapiro a former FBI agent [said]”,
and “indictment could drag his case all the way to 2024” [3] show you exactly what he intends :
well – what he tried to



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