4 december – Ravine VI
                                                                    – why the two weeks between Booths and 8/15 ?

this one will be more difficult – it always is :
the question is ofcourse “is it logical , an interval between the 8th of Booths and the 8/15 ?” ,
and while common Sense thinks ‘not really’ , the sacrifices during Booths suggest that the
week of Booths may be “a take-off” towards a next fourteen-day period 
[where , in our opinion , the 8th day must have been the start of the next month]   :
       – 1st day 13 bulls , 2nd day 12 bulls , etc : as in “counting down” , see Numeri 29 ,
       – each of the seven days 2 rams (total 14) and 2 lambs (total 14) + each day one goat —
           we don’t claim to understand it all but we can observe some things , see below ;
the ancient Egyptian concept of the moon as ‘waxing bull’ :

… they held this as very important , where their ‘moon’ is their copied Eden-gate ;
in the first chapters of Amduat their ‘moon construct’ is shipped in , embedded in horns and
showing the 14 time-periods ; from the Spells so far (see pages) the Eden gate empowers
theirs so that the dawn of the Eden realm will remain in their dimensional background 
[a later version of this same theme is the Egyptian story of “the 14 parts of Osiris”]   ;
       however – this moon theme is immediately related to (bodily-) physical aspects which in 
       Egypt were álso bull-related , and it is often difficult to draw a distinct line between both :   
the Egyptian ‘counterfeit Booths’ :

… popularly called “the beautiful reunion (or ‘meeting’) but likely “the chief [=main]   love” 
was a 14 day festival from the new moon till full moon during the 11th month (August) ,
during which many animal sacrifices were made : a red animal was slaughtered , figurines of 
wax of hippopotami [and crocodiles]   were destroyed , and fish and birds were sacrificed  —
the “fish and birds” are in Spells often ‘our Originals’ , the hippo is “the Eden mother” that
births our Originals – see prophets , the ‘crocodile’ is a concept denoting ‘sheer power’
originally as the Eden-Vector (the column of fire) , while the “red animal” likely refers to the
type light of Eden — altogether it is a good candidate for being a counterfeit Booths ;
      the ceremony started out by a statue of Hathor embarking a ship in Dendera and sailing
      south to Horus of Edfu (so ‘the house of Horus’ met Horus in the south) , and from this 
      union their ‘son’ Ihi (ÁH’I) was born as a naked boy having the epithet ‘Bull’ (ÁH’) , 
      representing the type body that the spirits had now acquired – hence “the festival of the tail”;
        … in other words : their type manchild was born after these two weeks … 
             [there are many spells about ‘Ihy’ – so we’ve to look ; f.e. in CT 334 he identifies himself
             with ‘perfume and oil’ , which always are ‘Eden-aspects’ : and compare the amounts of
              flour and oil used during Booths , representing those same aspects !]    
the ‘start at the new moon’ :
… although the Scroll tells in all three instances that ‘Booths starts at the 15th’ it is – considered
the above – anything but logical : the counting-down seems to correctly oppose the waxing bull !
[if Booths took place the week just before these two weeks , ofcourse]   ; 
therefore it neither can be coincidence that Christ made his earthly sacrifice on the 14th day ,
as “breaking down our present type body” at the height of the bull’s strength
— it is not ‘that we want to go against what God said’ ofcourse , but it just *may be* that Esau 
knew these things and tried to disarm also this aspect of the final theme
disclaimer :
… we’re really with everything we have trying to make sense of this next 8/15 
and also the above indeed appears to be linked to this theme ; but because it’s all dark 
and He does not say anything we can do little else but to keep 8/15 open as a Legal possibility