4 june
posted : first half of Dan. 8
chapter is more complicated as expected
and second half will need to follow theme of the first half
— you do not help us not one bit
then we do our job without you , even tipsy , interpreting
according to the context we learned to be true ,
it is a Cruel and hurtful Mystery why you refuse to speak ,
having us – like a bunch of debiles – barely hanging on
because we trust what you said in spite of having any proof
yet you leave us to fckn die without even moving a finger ; 
the Fall and the oceans of hurt caused by it are not your fault ,
but when will you look upon us with mercy
as those who searched to understand what you really said
and stop your murderous iron silence against us … ?
the vision of Pittman (index) is true – he described your speaking
as a hurricane , hitting him like a thousand tornado’s at once ; 
why don’t you speak to us like that , but then as a kind tornado , 
because we listened to understand your side of the story
and totally agree that what you have explained is the truth .. ?
why would you , please , 
not comfort souls who cannot be comforted only by your Life ,
why would you stay angry and distant to us ? Do we not see you
as a person , a deity , with own desires and own will ?
then , please , release us from this prison ,
please remember we fought for you – even if often pathetically – 
but only to have back your eden inhabited by your beautiful people
… and you please restore us from this shameful state

cc 3:37


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