posted : CT 470 Sekhmet (standing-place of the Rev. woman) ;
dream :
… in the second dream it was late evening ; had found the street and the house
i had been (2?) years ago ; walking up the property , it was like a district within a town –
it was rather crowded , people sat chatting around fires and many were strolling ;
then entering a hallway also full of people and looked but recognized no one ;
then through an open door (sic) I came in a rather huge hall , and quite a large number
of people sat inside grouped around tables as if doing biblestudy on themselves ;
i immediately recognized some faces [from a few years ago] and stared at a table
where two young women apparently wanted to léave – and i had met them also –
but were talked to by a kind woman seemingly persuading them not to leave ;
áll the people in the hall wore clothes with outspoken colours , as if some glow made
every colour seems brighter ; the lady talking to the girls resembled the teacher woman
from lil house on the prairie and her facial features were outspoken bright and kind
i woke
… the district must be the church cq believers , the filled hall the 144 ; but there’s still
danger that some léave (the girl had a bit harsh frown) ;
– the other dream was more complex but had 15 (?) youngsters dressed in that same glow ,
four glyphs of which one , ‘the mouth’ (gate) wanted to morph ; also “2 years”
and a closing where walking through a dark alley the meetingplace was not far anymore ;
perhaps these souls were specificly related to the gate theme …
… so it’s positive Sir … thank you … – but still every day is one too much …



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