5 may [see below] 
4 may
continued : after this supper , the Ascension followed : the same evening !

… per context . the “7th day of Unleavened” – our date – He was at the Temple square
speaking the Isaiah quote ; then had the Goodbye supper with the disciples
and before sunset the Ascension occurred : it all makes very much Sense !
then , 
added a large (historical-) section why ‘the Holy Communion’ is corrupt because
it supported Adam who disguised himself as Christ  as “the Western god” — ‘the crucifix’ :
it’s the first version still but the point does come across , you’ll see please ; 

also ,
it cannot be coincidence that this ‘supper’ theme came now
just before the réal Passover , and that the aberration of the
‘drink my blood’ which was a PILLAR of Western christianity
the past 2000 years is now annulled —
as a pillar having supported ADAM which has imploded now ,
because the sphere around feels like indeed it was important
not heard it for 35+ years , text’s Off but not the theme and
the gorgeous tune matches the mentioned sphere exactly
                               WE. ARE. GOING. HOME. !!

5 may :
… strange day .. everything blocked .. not sure still what is going on ;
considered the full moon it should  be ‘the 14th’ today – Passover –
but apart from the heartache and silence nothing particular shows
– the good thing ,
is that , after having looked at it , there is no such thing as ‘a second Passover’
as Numbers 9:1-14 allegedly writes , nor is there a ‘confirmation’ in 2 Chr.30 ,
just writing that down as a post didn’t succeed today ;
– please , if you like to join the symbolism of the ‘unleavened days’ next week
perhaps you can find a proper rye bread in your store : you know ofcourse that
the ‘unleavened’ aspect is related to ‘the scroll’ – and that’s all good – so it’s really
just a symbolic thing you may like  to connect back in Time

take care of yourself , of us , and of all those that are ours , please …
if anything is up , or anything changed , we’ll post it right away



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