4 November
some awful stalemate is going on now … – the ‘thing’, the It , refuses to say it’s name
but only at one point constantly repeated “I … – I … – I…”, as resisting , stubborn ,
yet because He stays silent we can’t perceive what this is about …

that said
we found a guy brilliantly exposing WHAT
Esau’s plans were for his New World life ,
and HOW he would rule this earth —
disguised as all his ‘Climate Change’ babble :
you won’t regret watching this 1 hour video
because it gives context to whát his plan was
also concerning the real-adm-souls as Jacob ,
and how Esau considered the sheer magnitude
of his plan “too big to fail” —
this is the same God told to Mystery-Babylon !

this post belongs to “Esau’s Timeline”, see index ,
and though this particular video
does not cover the Jab-connection and neither
the partially opened evil realm over this earth ,
as all belonging to their original Plan ,

                                                    credits inside
                                      (for fullscreen click here)

it serves you as showing just how well-thought his evil desire had to pan out
and how it has been prepared for décades by all the means he could ever muster ! :
… please realize that Jacob – as God’s souls – would’ve had no chance whatsoever ,
IF God had not started His rescue plan only recently …… in the very Nick Of Time

Sir we are so very tired … let it be this month … and get your 144 out



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