4 october
posted : Hag.2 : Eve rescued’ (!) , and – perhaps ! – Trumpets as “the start ánd end day”

… this is the first time that the chapter makes Sense : the Eve theme must be correct
and “a certain day being the start and the end” MAY be ‘Trumpets’ — in 10 days from now ,
if we interpreted the context of the returning dates (-in the chapter) rightly ; you judge please …
[5 october :]
… searching to confirm the above , Zech.7 (vs3) until Zech.8 (vs 19) seems the same theme ,
and see how 8: 9 “Let your hands be strong, ye that hear in these days these words by the mouth 
of the prophets, which [were] in the day [that] the foundation of the house of the LORD of hosts 
was laid, that the temple might be built” is virtually the same phrasing as in Haggai 2 !
just as line 13 : “I will save you [….] blessing” ; while next chapter 9 is about Adam & his gate :
therefore the whole section between chapter 7 and 9 must be ‘about Eve’ – just it’s very corrupted ;
      of similar interest is Isaiah 58 :
      it starts with “trumpet” (sic!) but most likely the “fast” (-tsm) was the inversal “to find” (-mts)
      and the theme can be ‘to find Eve’ — “in the day [+your] height=mother (mqum=am) will hear
      your voice”
 (in 4) which is even linked to ‘the acceptable day’ (6-7) which is the Jubilee ! 
    therefore we DO have a chance in 9 days ….  



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