5 april
posted : CT 256 , and CT 250  about
“opening the double door” , but also
the strange CT 251
alluding to the stolen Emerald Dome
and describing the Ark as eden gate ; 
… the reason why these spells run well
is because the théme must fit now
(we always said that without a workable
concept it’s impossible to translate texts) ;
– note : soon the main Gate log will be
added as Introduction to the gate chapters

5 april
… weather warfare as the droughts in Western US and as rains in Australia
all intended to create food scarcity ; farmers in US paid to destroy crops ;
an impossible tax hike ; in the EU 7-10% inflation because of endless printing
out of thin air – because both US and EU are beyond Broke , having robbed
even all pension funds ; apart from energy and gasoline having gone up wild
(because oil is the hoax to oppress the population as free energy is concealed)
nourishment has gone up to 20-50% in Germany and Holland ; in the latter
we are forced by law to take in Ukranians or be displaced from home with 
a penalty of up to 4 months in jail ; every bank is installing crypto currency
per the blockchain-method (so we said 1,5 year ago) , pushed by the nonsense
‘sanctions’ against Russia only devised to crash the dollar ; in S-Africa mobile
phone Sim-cards can only be purchased when biometrically connected ; 
murdered people in Ukraine’s streets pushed by MSM as done by ‘the evil Russians’
but in truth by the Azov butchers regiment , so that ALL the debile western gubberments
can tell their sheeple how they must resist more (-to cause our own destruction)    —
– did we leave something out to show Ze Kreat Rezet of Esau is in full swing ?
… Sir ,
it’s not that we fear these … we knew already that it’s a sh*thole clowncircus anyway …
but you hurt us by not saying Nothing .. nothing … nothing ….



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