5 august [evening]
completed ch. 9 .. has a surprising theme in the 7th seal …
… – get us out of this shameful ape Sir



5 august
the dream … driving on a highway as passenger of a male ,
staring out of the window , another car came alongside …
– suddenly that driver looked at us with the face of Death ,
a grinning distorted evil face of raw bloodish skin … I almost jumped
out of bed of fright , and I so hate horrormovies … dreamt again , chaotic ,
had the feeling the dream wanted to repeat the scene but now against ‘female’..
then a burglary happened … then a city had received a grant …
then I took away a bible from a stubborn christian woman who wanted
to lecture me from it …
… – what is HAPPENING ? … still shakey … something is Adam-related …
did we lose some of the 144 … ? this is so not good …



4 august
posted : 6th (sun gets dark) and 7th seal (144 are saved) ,
in spite of Esau’s mess (Rev.6 + 8:1 + 14 was needed)

serious downturn today Sir … – perhaps by posting it correctly
you will speed up events ..? so It will not overcome us …?

linkdump :
Australia : army enforcing lockdown (=Down Under is an NWO testground) ,
(Esau’s slogan) “no jab no job” probably introduced this fall ;
Germany : coJona demonstrations forbidden ; draconic measures starting
this fall (Bild) ; pathologist sounds alarm about 40% of vaxxed deaths
(die Welt) ;
USA : after the – four days ago – promised 100$ gift when vaxxinated ,
Vanguard (=owns everything) will pay 1000$ to be vaxxed before October
(Bloomberg/Yahoo ; …October , why ?) ;
CDC ditches the (=anyway corrupt) PCR tests ;
and so many more … – Esau’s monstrous plan continues to roll out :
Sir we’re not naive : the only workable option is your plan