5 augustus
… though their Ritual could be an attack on the sons themselves
(root B-R-T can be -B-R , Aramaic ‘sons’ , multiple) ,
that scenario is unlikely because Lebanon represents ‘the cedar tree’ ;

… it is unknown what the exact etymology of ‘Beirut’ is ,
some say it is ‘a well’ (-bar) but the context must fit the place —
therefore ‘br (-obr) “the place of crossing over”
should not only fit the literal position and goal of Beirut
but also match the concept of “crossing over [dimensionally]’
(compare the important Sumerian notion as ‘crossing place’)

we categorize this as (another of-) their Defensive Rituals



5 augustus
the occult Ritual of ‘seeing the world-tree (as “the abomination”)’ (?)
… this is a difficult one —
yes accidents can be just that : accidents ,
but several aspects don’t match up in this event ;

… the ‘fertilizer’ story may or may not be true —
the fertilizer is rather stable unless messed with ;
just like ‘the negligence card’ is : authorities warned
for six years about the potential dangerous situation [1] ;
while even other options can’t be dismissed immediately [2] ;

the cedar (of Lebanon) as world-tree
… several prophet chapters mention this theme ;
compare how the seal of Beirut shows the cedar ,
together with the attribute “Beirut, mother of laws” —
in our interpretation ,
the ‘Legal’ refers to the góal of the Ritual ,
namely “confirming that the tree is visible (in the sky)” ;

confirming this one – so the real world-tree can stay hidden (?)
… the core problem is the “you will see the abomination of desolation”
(of which we understand – so far – that we as sons will see it too)
and right AFTER (seeing) that the sons will be collected :
this is the very reason
that we consider this event a highly probable Ritual
since virtually every soul “has confirmed this event” simply “because it happened”,
to let the (appearing of their) world-tree off the hook

…before waking this morning (and before
reading about yesterday’s event) ,
a large… window appeared in front of the soul —
to avoid the term ‘portal’
and a very … pleasant dimension appeared on the other side of it ;
– as a dimension where God is : yes , all powerful ,
but the air was full of kindness and acceptance and steadyness ,
as if it is perfectly normal environment for a soul to live in his presence

… ‘the window’ made us to consider the Beirut event ;
if seeing the worldtree must happen then it must happen —
but Sir get us quickly into your dimension ,
because we do consider you as our deity in front of us

petroglyphs as plasma explosions
seen from earth around 7500 BC
       picturing the world-tree
[2] explosion by a directed energy weapon
https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=kCqeuDSGBvY&feature=emb_title



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