5 february
yes we’ll post but interpreting the subthemes (-in the spells)
(in order to can translate an understandable whole) is a killing job ;
for today ,
the positive note is the dream of the man about ‘the lottery’ —
read : selecting the new ones of the 144 as a finished fact
(the “Strong’s number searching” after that is Sorcery – forget that)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcaHv5R239Q   (8.25-10.00 mins) ;
… – the same theme is in this one – a bit longwinded , 15 mins :
indeed ‘being brought somewhere’ ; the ‘car’ is “personal consciousness” ;
he’s right about ‘the foam’ (see end) as ‘added candidates’ , where ‘the medals’
are “crowns” (sic) and ‘the building’ at the end is “the 144 company” :



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