5 januari 9 PM
tomorrow is the full moon ‘of the 9th’ … 
perhaps expectation should be around , yet it’s just silence , neither good nor bad …
we only have circumstantial context that ‘the 9th month’ could be valid but no proof  ;
concerning this ‘9th’ perhaps one could add – apart from the pinned list above –
the month that Noah left  Eden : the “in the 2nd month” may have been “in the ninth” 
if Esau’s copyists counted from their seventh month as the start of their  year ; 
while the theme of ‘the door (-of the ark)’ very much links to our situation …
       and if ‘this fifteenth’ is valid ? – we don’t know … Haggai mentions “the 24th” but
       perhaps that may have been a possible “21st” which could be more logical :
       as the end of “the feast of weeks” — that sounds bizarre but the feast of weeks
       started at Firstfruits (sic) right after Passover and one could (?) expect that the 
       original order was that the 144 would resurrect – as ‘second’ after Christ – 
       yet because of circumstances first had to come “an inbetween time” as the 50
       days representing the next 2000 years …
       [no this is not against our dear brothers the first Christians – you’ll understand]  
… now the attribute of the feast of weeks , ‘leaven’ , is always linked to “corruption”
as in ‘the leaven of the Pharisees’ , right … a theme connecting to our  situation …
– suppose that the Transfiguration was no different event  as the Ascension
[just Esau made it to look like that]   , because : why would Christ be transfigured
accompanied by two witnesses yet then go back into Jerusalem ? while one of the 
gospels quotes Him linking the Transfiguration directly to the endtime … one gospel
writes the Transfiguration “at the eight day” : why not ‘after the feast of Weeks’ ?            
so : do we have a window now from tomorrow + seven days until the 21st …?
         your Majesty ,
         don’t be angry with us so poorly hold on some days … neither consider this
         horrible ape – which is also against us … – but only please see our intention ..
         if not tomorrow we’ll try hold on another seven days : if it has to be
         but please tomorrow would be best



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