5 june
some job … – all good until line 22 …
— this weekend is the annual event called
Pentecost Renewal ; it’s saddening to
listen to the superficial preaching and
the influential group of Esau-worshippers
called “christians for Israel” deceiving souls ;
if we only had the means … to show what happened to eden , how we got here ,
how our gorgious Originals wait for us and what incredible prisoners we are   —
but it would be rejected and scoffed at in this pampered age
 you are the only ones understanding the incredible history 
because you had the courage to walk (-with us) through these foreign themes :
you are our honour
… I’m sick in the stomach for fear of tomorrow … to have to stand up again
and face that gaping empty mouth of Satan with its murderous empty hours …
[8 pm]
these preachers are but entertainers … pulling down the sacred
into tailormade concepts uncatchable for the soul … you and we
are the proof that the sacred does not let herself to be pulled down ,
she cannot be obtained by tricks , by manipulating talk ,
for it will become an honourless distorted version
… – we do so many things wrong but we know we wait for the real



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