5 juni
posted (full) : 1 John 2
… having deleted yesterday’s log (not évery shot can hit the mark) ,
today next chapter 3 again details the major crime of Adam ,
having tortured our Originals and placing our soul on this earth
– therefore
… Sir , judge him , disable him – we won’t use the term ‘kill’,
not next month or next week but today

UPD.: *crying again*
… who said that “children and fools speak the truth”..?
quote from an 11-year old boy having ADHD :
“I may be 11 years , having ADHD and being busy in my head ,
but I am capable to discern something :
that everything (concerning CoJona, hR) happening in Holland is nonsense”

it immediately touched a string cause we listen to words and their context ,
and declare that what the lil boy said is genuine
– Sir , we digress —- kill that monster who wanted to save his own *ss ,
causing millions of souls on earth to but babble about absolute Futile things ,
while real souls – like this boy – feel that it is all about enslavement
… kill him – now



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