5 March
these four below convey exact the same message :
official Ukraine twitter ,
host Marina Abrama , official witch and “spirit cooker” (look her up)         
is presenting Esau’s other slaves supporting his occult Ritual : 
Ukrainan PM ,
formerly playing the piano with his d*ck and showing in a gay music vid :
“.. having destroyed Russia’s plans for a lightning invasion ,
[and] having endured nine days of darkness , we are warriors of light
Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church ,
(mystical belief ; credit twitter)
it’s head (look him up) is very close with the Vatican , hence especially 
these types play the controlled opposition side — the article is from yesterday : 
“many people” have told him that they seen “luminous angels over Ukraine” ;
[he said:] “Here in Kyiv we percieve that the patron of our city is the archangel Michael
who […] cast Lucifer into the abyss – the one who rose up against God and was the
leader of the diabolical armies”  [1] ;
an Ukrainian Catholic leader ,
“[He said] on Thursday that Kyiv is “being transformed to the spiritual capitol of the world
following yesterday’s global day of prayer for fasting and peace. “Today, to this place, the
eyes of people throughout the world are turned – of all churches, religions and confessions.
And thus, in a particular way (=read: as occult Ritual, hR) we feel that inscription from the 46th
psalm of David […] ‘God is in the midst of her , she shall not be shaken.”
[He said] that the founding of Kievan Rus conceived Kyiv as “the New Jerusalem.”  [2] ;


… like one can feel
for the thousands of Jacob now sufferring horrible side effects from having been pushed
or tricked into taking Esau’s chimera Jab , the same is true for the many of Jacob 
being affected by this war Ritual – inclusive the many simple Russian boys sent to death  —
.. over a decade ago was this vision about “an endless string of Russian young males
waiting to enter an Orthodox church – however it was closed , overgrown with vegetation”,
around the same time as the DreamVision (see page)     —
what is it with ‘Russia’ and ‘the house Judah’ ? 
Sir .. please tell us we’re at the end , these days 

[Sun. 06]
… you know that the soul dwells – read : is imprisoned – in the heart (long story) ,
but since yesterdaymorning she .. is gone , as if swallowed by quicksand inthere
— the soul has some “breathe” too , right (but not that horrible mind or I) ,
as a … small and helpless type consciousness , now constantly searching the soul

no this isn’t chronic introspectiveness … but about not being distracted by outside
and sensing changing spheres … – but this is horrible in a shameful heartache ..
what is this about Sir ? are the souls now ‘standing below the altar’ ?
or is that a strange option ?
       [upd. + 1 hour :]
this just showed now – bold is ours ,
“Let us pray together, as brothers and sisters, to Our Lady, Queen of Ukraine.
Hail Mary …..
The Holy See is ready to do everything, to put itself at the service of this peace. 
In these days, two Cardinals went to Ukraine, to serve the people, to help. 
Cardinal Krajewski, the Almoner, to bring aid to the needy, and Cardinal Czerny, 
interim Prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.
The presence of the two Cardinals there is the presence not only of the Pope,
but of all the Christian people who want to get closer and say:
War is madness ! Stop, please ! Look at this cruelty !”     [1]
… the queen with the golden cup , yes ,
but “two representatives now being there” .. as a counter of the souls –
as representatives – of the two houses beneath the throne ..? and whát they say ,
is that not remniscent of what the souls plead Him : “Sir , how long still” ..?
… just asking …

blushing for shame , please get us out of this pathetic ape ..
all that matters is how you would want to see us
– what is going on ?


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