5 may
posted : CT 469 (1/3) : Revelation woman (+ ‘barley’ section)
another dream :
..a few of us were at the exact border of some Russian republic having been invited
by two (?) Hungarian producers making a doc about (Hungarian) gypsies  —
I looked across the border to five or so older men with scytes reaping the barley 
which was rather ingrown with high weeds and felt sorry for them ; so when they
got close I shortly hugged one and they all made jokes about me but in a kind way
eventhough I didn’t understood their language
– their faces , heavily grooved , were unfamiliar to me , as if an .. ancient type people
(then the dream showed that, whenever possible, they was helped with harvesting 
by “an expanding disk of fire cutting off the barley” – which is ofcourse strange) ;
when I turned back
to some gypsies who were discussing i saw their brownish type faces which i néither
could bring home ; then the kind (Hungarian) woman by whom we probably stayed
insisted that we all come to her home and she would cook a feastmeal for us
… now
the Hungarians lived next door to ancient Sumeria and the bulk departed from there
but a part remained in Afghanistan/India as later gypsies ; perhaps the scything ones
are linked to a remnant people of Sumeria (?) , here as the 144 – because “barley” ;
and perhaps the link tó them are a number of Hungarians as the 144   —
while the ‘feastmeal’ could imply that all of these are collected ?
… most unusual the dreaming this week … don’t speed down Sir please
so it can mean that God collects the 144 also according to ‘bloodline’ 
or perhaps better “conform the Attributes which existed in that timeframe” ;
Sumer is the oldest society since the adm-soul came on this planet , but apart from
being ancient-Egypt’s precorsor what is her attribute ? – one is “barley” …



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