5 november
posted : Is. 41 : the eden-sun part 2 of 3



5 november
dream (‘we have the sun attribute ?) + lawgiver sceptre of Judah
… trying it as short and clear as possible —
in yesterday’s dream i had killed a young woman (=a distant family member) ,
and everyone was very sad but they didn’t know i had done it

… and this night a dream about a large truck being checked in a garage ;
a russian (?) male cleaned the naves of its wheels and put them back on ;
while I got intimate with a girl (=probably his..?) up to the point of kissing

… the dreams must belong together — some realtime female must have died
(to her own self) , as one who belongs to us (=because a family member) ;
while ‘a female’ ‘is the real carrier of any Attribute’ (=see ‘who are the 144,000’) ;
so , now she – as Attribute – got connected to us – as the ‘intimacy’ ? ;
for the truck – in dreams – represents “a masculine ruling attribute” ,
where ‘the wheels’ can be “the eden-sun running his course with his feet” 
(we can link this back to two dreams five months ago but it’ll get complex ,
as “the stolen truck we were taking back from inside the mirrored house”)

Judah and the “lawgiver (sceptre)” 
… Genesis 49:10 may read “and the birth-sceptre will not depart from him ,
[as] the lawgiver between his feet” :
this ‘lawgiver’ as root “steady one” ,
and “the feet” agáin link back to ‘the eden-sun’ 
(while in Ezekiel the delúded of Judah ‘worship THIS false sun of ours’) ; 

… the “birth-sceptre” must refer to (the 144,000 sons) having their change ,
as the promise THREE times repeated in these sun chapters (Is.40-41-42) ;
then we have still 1 problem in the rest of line 49:10 : it writes 
“(..between his feet) until Shiloh comes , and to him (..corrupt..) the people”
(until that he-shall-come shile and·to·him expectation-of peoples)   
but you can see that is non-sensible and appears corrupt ; what if : 
“..that=when (-ki) – the sons (omim=bnim)      +
(will náme ?..) (qth=qr) – (..the [eden-] sun..) (shlh=shmsh) – [=as] [=him] [=’sceptre?’] ;
[+line 11]

… either way , it seems to us that God will (‘can only’) make THIS sun dark ,
if we legally HAVE the attribute eden-sun ;
is it the final attribute we needed – but which will happen first .. ?
(the attribute is Judah’s – while we represent ‘the land’ ;
next Is.54 (=43) seems to describe “the sun restored tó the eden-land) ;



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