6 april
posted : the curious CT 247 “the box (-of the ark)”
and CT 229 : “what” was “in” the ephah in Zecheriah 5 ?
…. as more we get into this theme , the more it seems that a huge number
of spells have this Gate theme — which seems to have different descriptions
because of different aspects : yet all are describing this same stolen gate
if we are honest (yes Sir…) , then this gate/ark theme must be so crucial that ,
what we interpreted as the “sun chapters” in Isaiah , must have been “gate”
(where -shmsh is -shor , see the root similarity) ;
the problem is that INDEED the sun Râ was ‘born’ (‘made’) , per both spells
and Rg-Veda , but considered that the Ark – as Gate – is such a sacred object
while prophets mention several times ‘the gate’ (and not so much ‘the sun’) ,
combined with the MANY spells explaining ‘the gate’,
we must re examine those prophet chapters under this light ….

becáuse we kept on to that ‘sun theme’ we searched for its complementary
‘the moon’ the past four months – but more and more “the stolen Gate”
seems to be the main theme – and yes depicted as ‘moon’ and as ‘star’ ,
as ‘head’, as ‘mouth (-of speech)’, as ‘crown’ , as well as other epithets ;
— if we feel silly to not have seen this before ??
… but it is due to the very nature… ‘sorcery’… not seeing things …
as “the things the real adm-soul to know nót” : and that is a quote of spells



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