6 august
posted Mic. 7 “the sons pant for to be rescued”
…. main theme :
the souls will be reunited with their Originals ;
first the sons – then all saved souls ,
and the paradisical situation will be restored ;
(verified version and definitive ; much corrupted)


6 august
all leaders got the same memo : ‘f*k the people’
… we’ve had this concept several times now —
when leaders around the world use similar phrasings ,
then be sure that they were instructed into a global plan :

… the Belgian MP telling “we will force them” (see log) ,
while Northern Belgium is under a lockdown with curfew again ,
has its equivalent in the mayor of LA , who now threatens
to “close off houses from water and power if [people] do not comply”,
his spokesman adding “..we must do what it takes to shut [them] down”[1]

“Victoria police: we will smash
your windows and detain you”
(credits in link)

… but the Australia Victoria district shows Canaan’s intentions perfectly —
having installed a heavy grade type 4 lockdown – inclusive curfew –
and watch the cocky police chief talking about people as if they are cattle >>
(the Victoria region played along with previous western occult Rituals ,
be it either by muslim bombers or white shootings with manifestos ,
because the theme was always ‘against the sons’)

[1] august 5 , Los Angelos mayor ; CBS
[2] madness in australia [aug 4]
[3] ‘madness in Melbourne’ [aug 4]



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