6 augustus
“the [European] Commission is wrapping up advance purchase contracts
with several pharmaceutical companies for Covid-19 vaccines with the aim of
“vaccinating the entire European population as rapidly as possible.”
The Commission has stated that it plans to obtain 300-600 million doses ,
“depending on whether one or two doses [of vaccine] per person are needed.”
Concurrent press reports refer to the possibility of an EU-wide coronavirus
vaccine mandate, quoting Belgium’s Minister of Justice as saying,
“If they refuse, we’ll force them.” [1] , [2]

read –
1) COVID is a hoax 2) the ‘urgence of finding a COVID vaccine’ is a hoax ,
3) therefore a bunch of their mass injections is already PREPARED
(because Canaan isn’t stupid) ,
4) therefore : what can the injection possibly contain ?

… and why the line in Revelation always comes to mind ,
“.. but they did not convert themselves from their sorceries”,
where the used term is ‘pharmaceikos’ …?

[1] press release 26 June (english) + links :
[2] taken from watchdog site (french) ;
http:/ /initiativecitoyenne.be/



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