6 june                                                                                                                                                     18 DAYS
posted (full) : Jer.5 (cont.) : likely the Jubilee horn + the demon armies invade earth
… also a gorgeous one , with the same consistent careful buildup — which is so great help
and ofcourse important to have the themes in the right context [-also the Jubilee here] ;
curious :
… from 3 or so weeks ago (around the time wé started to look to this Pentecost) 
where his “26th” and “counting a Jubilee tó that” (together with “it’s all about Eden”)
got our attention where the specific ‘Jubilee’ theme struck us as weird – why do that ? –
though ofcourse the type counting and the reasons are Nonsense ;
and we can’t help thinking if this is an Esau spokesman warning Esau’s inner circle … ?
why “the sudden deaths” starting his ‘New Era’ (sic) : does he mean “disappearances”  ?
… the second rather timely one is “the whistleblower about retrieved alien crafts” [1,2]   —
you know already that these appear regularly especially when distraction is needed
but we can’t help wondering if Esau suddenly is preparing another ‘plausible deniability’ 
in this case perhaps related to our Date … ? – let’s wait for more links about both ;
              … your Majesty , always forgive us … we feel that you agree with the text result
              and even the Jubilee is embedded now … the only thing we still do not know is
             whether you indeed will act then … and though it seems close we’re tired of
             holding the fortress and are waiting every single hour for the cavalry … 
[1] [2] 




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