6 november
posted : Is. 54 : the eden-sun (and -moon)
restored to the (eden-) land [=Is.43]



6 november
Dana’s dream : “THE LIGHT GOES OUT”
posted : 20 october , see to right ;
… our interpretation :
the key is the end of the dream ,
where the guy “turns out the lights in the House” (=this world)” ;

(dana yt channel ; 20 oct)

he starts with “the network of data inside the US” ,
mentioning the severe malfunction starting in the West (=dimension) ,
progressing towards the east – when crossing a border ;

… then reaching ‘philadelphia’ (=which is about the 144,000 ; see Rev.) ,
where the malfunction “splits the liberty bell” (=our present sun) ;
and the bell fell down (=read – this sun goes dark ;
this sun exists out of ‘two aspects’ hence it was split in two) ;
then the bell “melted” , as the molten image in Is. 40 + 41 ;

..the second part of the dream (from 5:30 mins) is more tricky :
“Washington” must represent ‘the rule of this corrupt earth’
(because of “tentacles” and opposed to ‘the west’ (=dimension) ;
the ‘suits and ties’ representing Esau ;

.. he mentions the latter as ‘judges’ (=a legal situation) ,
trying to STOP the malfunction from blowing themselves up (6.10) ;

6:50 – the imploding happened because of the word “DISCOVERY” —
“as a word spelled out in the sky” (!) (=this sun) ;

part II : the “17 december date” : (starting 7.20 mins)
… now it gets difficult : it must be the conclusion of the dream —
obviously we can’t sustain the ’17 december’ (=we simply can’t know) ;
but “the people of the house of representatives” have “legal rights”,
and “no one wears shoes” ,
linked to ‘the eden-sun walking his path’ (Is.40+41) ! —
then one of them “finds his shoes” (and remember ‘the discovery’) .
and walks out with a group – which we assume is the 144,000 ;

(and it’s not so much that he comes báck to the white house)
but the microphone section is about “having DECLARED it” :
saying “a house divided against itself shall not stand” —
and walking out , he turned off all the lightswitches ….

(the election-connection may tell a timeframe)



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