6 november
Esau’s occult Ritual – stalling the 4th (-bay) horse : or he will have lost
this’ll be a very long log – sorry ;
we pondered it long time and consider it valid , but it needed to be broken down 
in several parts , for it links to Samhain , CERN , the 144 , and even Horus   —
I.  stalling the (-bay) horse : how Esau set the Ritual up :

a)  the goon ‘squad’ in the US as “the 4 horses” ,
…  since three years Esau has linked them to the 4 horsemen
     (besides – the ‘Liberal’ logo is a donkey c.q horse) ; 
b) the Occupier in Chief going to the G20 in Rome (28 Oct) ,
…  therewith “the horse (-s) come to the Vatican”
     which is the represent of Mystery-Babylon on this earth ;
c)  the pathetic 85 cars motorcade ,
…. was to Ritually stress “an arrival” — but as “blocked arrival” :
[quote ; see 1] “the Vatican abruptly cancelled the live broadcast”  […] 
[and-] the Vatican press office provided no explanation for why press coverage was
limited to the president’s motorcade arriving in the courtyard of the Apostolic Palace” 
d)  the Inferno (‘Hell’) exhibition in the palace (15Oct-9Nov) ,
…  the place where the G20 dined etc also hosts the Inferno exhibition ,
now linking the ‘horsemen’ theme to “Dante’s great Theological fresco” , 
“namely to show humanity a path of liberation from miseries [..] towards salvation” ;
where the artwork “the gate (-of Hell) by Auguste Rodin […] , a colossal 7-meter-tall
artefact is located at the BEGINNING of the exhibition” [2]  ;
the final artwork is “the Last Judgment (-scene)” [2] ,
and read : ‘this is a Legal case or matter’ ,  
as two faces with huge mouths forming one maw [2] ;
note the key theme which the angel holds
because – for us – it links to Philadelphia ;
but note how this gate itself is green (read :’bay’)
and it is the final art-piece in the exhibition ; 
… followup :
e) COP 26 , Scotland , 31 October (Samhain = hell = fire) ,
… now all the puppets of the Vatican moved to Glasgow
(without China and Russia ofcourse , because those
will be Esau’s New World policing states) ,
and because of the Rome Ritual Esau now can place
whatever attribute upon whatever position :
‘the world-leaders’ are now representing “this earth” ,
in ‘the west’ (‘Glasgow’) , read : this earth” ,
f)  and the bay horse is denied entrance to this earth :
… in the form of an ‘Israeli’ minister Elharrar who wanted
to attend the COP but “was barred from the confab” 
‘because it was impossible to people in wheelchairs” ,
and “she had to go back to her hotel” [3] ;
the story ofcourse stinks from every side :
“I know that [..] the other entrances wheelchair access is there . It was because
she came to an entrance where they didn’t have that provision” [3] ,
and more of Esau’s crap — but just look at the color of her blouse :
and rest assured – she never wears that ugly color ;
(note : in the Vatican sponsored 2016 movie ‘Inferno’ she boasted already
about her CERN gate ‘which no one could stop her from her victory’ —
using the same art-works as this November 2021 ! ;
silly silly Esau … having to recycle and upgrade his desires)

II.  this defensive Ritual supported by the Samhain one
… we just failed to understand why God is so dead-silent the past number of weeks ,
but considered it to link to the fourth horse as “(spiritual-) death” ,
combined with the “underworld” (M-Babylon’s realm) following that , 
according to Zechariah the 4 horses are sent to this earth (-probably by Christ himself) ,
and though we felt the white horse – ‘sorcery’ – early 2020 as the Covid Spell ,
it is possible that this bay one WAS sent : but … “refuses” to enter (-earth) ,
becáuse of the massive Ritual Esau made of this — connected with Samhain  :
with the goal to ‘just tip (=to stall) this aspect across the ultimate end-date’ 
by which we would lose – in that same Nick Of Time …

III.  the CERN connection (+ stargate and Samhain)
… we always stayed away from this topic – that CERN can cause [‘is’] an artificial stargate ;
we certainly don’t understand the ‘science’ what is going on there ,
but dó know that their type ‘science’ is very interlinked to “sorcery” 
(since ‘science’ is the Lamb-Dragon working for the Beast – see Revelation pages) ; 
ofcourse , in the M-Babylon plan ,
this earth would need to become “her backgarden”, as partially her realm ,
becoming enough “vibrationally ascended” for Esau to rule it FOR THEM ;
first ,
… not only CERN’s “Shiva” connection is questionable ,
but also “human sacrifice (-as playout) on the CERN compound” [4] ,
as well as CERN’s own linking to Samhain 2021 , writing :
“CERN joins the global celebration of Dark Matter Day on and around 31 October
[as-] between 25 October and 4 November” [5]  : what type “Dark Secrets”…? ;
then , 
see below their own video about “people going through a gate into another dimension”  
and note at 0.40 mins the same symbology as the “Covid (-jab) Warp Speed” program :

below :
… around the same time (2016) was the bizarre Gotthard occult Ritual —
the events “indoors” mean “in this world” – and note the ‘Lamb’ section ;
but ‘the tunnel’ (=CERN) will connect to “outside” where the screen is “the Gate” :
the ‘8 spoked wheel’ is not just Chaldea – the land Mystery-Babylon sits upon ,
but represents the altered four cardinal points of their realm

… so according to M-Babylon , her four horses (=her matrix cardinal points) 
should never leave – ánd she would have CERN as portal to this earth ;
IV . [eden’s-] 4 cardinal points : as main Attribute of the 144,000 + Horus 
… according to prophets ,
God will again install the cornerstone , eden’s “dimensional anchor” ,
which is represented by Christ ; and according to Zechariah the 144,000
represent the attribute “the 4 cardinal directions” fróm that centre stone ; 
implying that the warped matrix-version directly relates to our Attribute ; 
in spells ,
the 4 horses may well be compared to “the four sons (=constructs) of Horus”, 
where the latter represents their main stargate – as stolen concept ;
however , it is very tricky to define the 4 horses through the four ‘sons’  —

  • a)  one “horse” must be (the one son-) HEP  (H+P) , “corner” ,
    which spells tell “that he is ferried-over to their matrix” 
    (so it is a stolen eden-concept) ,
    and ‘corner’ must represent “the eden-vector : but now for théir use” ; 
  • b)  another horse must be QEBH’ -SEN-F , where the term QEBH’ is always used
    as “cooling-down (-qebh) the [eden- star-] gate” , in order to vampire upon eden 
    (hence the call in prophets “who of you will close the gate for me ?”) ; 
  • c)  the third son T’UA-MUT-F refers to their constructed “morning-star” (T’UA) 
    causing their ‘dimensional-dawn” , 
    this star now overruling the eden-star of speech (‘ruling the 7 Torches’) , 
  • d)  … while the fourth , ÁMST , is perhaps “the copied eden-stone”
    (lit. the made eden-stone within [-the matrix]’) ;

so ,
somehow these are the four key aspects by which their realm now thrives , 
but it is very difficult to transpond these aspects upon “the four horsemen”  —
yet considered the aspect “speech” (in this case ‘the silence of God’) 
we consider the fourth bay horse to be the T’UA-MUT-F one ,
also because “it speaks their realm (=underworld) into being” 

… 14 (?) years ago , standing upon a mountain , the unmistakable sphere
appeared as absolute certainty “that the soul cannot aid God not in óne thing
in order for Him to fulfill His plan — worse , that every (presumed-) aid
óf the soul woul disgrace and stain the plan He executes” 
… then this knowledge disappeared .
– every soul – including we ofcourse – “would like to dó something for God” ,
like a child hopes to get the appreciation of his natural father by ‘doing’ something ;
and it’s hard to digest that God asked us to do things we never expécted to have to —
yet only in this way it makes Sense that His plan cannot be tainted …

this log is not ‘a veiled way to “help” ’  –
but just trying to understand whát is this uncanny silence about , these evil days ,
and combined with Anna’s vision of “two merging heads” (she didnt know about the
depiction above) and my dream of “someone asking me for a lawyer but I couldn’t 
help him cause it was three years past” (three plus some legal theme) 
we made the link with the Ritual as described above
… – we’re sure that Christ also sent the fourth horse on its way to earth , by now ;
but this doesn’t dismiss us from watching what can possibly be going on ,
and counter – to our ability – each and every occult Ritual Esau always executes ;
it’s what we are .. what we do … Sir … until you will get us Out of his dystopia






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