‘blood moon’ : cymatics concept
8 november       [noon]
so … nothing much left but only hoping ;
the window runs until tomorrow at even
yet nothing proves that this may be the time :
still that same Silence – often with heartache
            root chakra as ‘eclipse’
(popup – not working now)

indeed it appears that the problem just now wás “the root”,
not only by the person (-who always represented ‘Judah’ in dreams)
now being present in the 144 — the ‘two rooms’ obviously as ‘both houses’ ;
but also that the ‘mole’ aspect was valid : see depiction to right belonging
to the popup (click : because we like to keep the log clean) showing how
entities were keen on maintaining the corrupt root

therefore we wait for you to please act in this , your Majesty …
everyone seems to be inside , and no root or whatsoever is inbetween



6 november [noon]                     the window still runs : november 8 (-into 9)
                                                                in B : link between ‘the root’ and ‘red+moon’
… again a long log but hoping you won’t regret it  —
you know it’s a chaos in forum- and YT land these days linked to the blood moon 
theme the coming 8th — clearly many are tired , searching for confirmation …
now ,
it has nothing to do with ‘the elections’ , nor with the phenomenon itself since it 
will be a ‘diménsional change’ – though symbolically it *might* be linked to what is
dubbed ‘shemitah cycles’ : for us right now the only interesting is it’s context and 
since this morning it’s date — for the context please see B below ;
total silence
… this is the first Sure thing : two days now total silence , inside and outside ,
as if everything has stopped , yet most important : it doesn’t feel negative
and therefore it could imply ‘something ongoing’ ;
dream : ‘between 8 and 9 pm’
… broken sleeps and insane dreams but this one today before waking   —
entering an unknown house having a double room ; a kind of feast was going on
yet not Christmas but more the – for me foreign – Thanksgiving (as in November !) ; 
a large group was seated around the table in the larger room (and another in the 
adjacent smaller room) : it was clearly ‘a banquet’ yet everyone was deep in prayer ;
       sitting down in the smaller room my – yes profane – thought was “that now at 
       8 pm I wasn’t sure whether to still have to find smokes before 9 pm – or not ; 
     having to go out into the dark and in two feet of snow” 
       (then someone as ‘the root’ at the table said a prayer , but see below) ;
… the ‘8 until 9’ is really positive : I knew about the ‘bloodmoon’ but didn’t give it 
much attention ; ‘the banquet’ is clear , the praying is sweet ,
the large group must be ‘the 144 we cannot know’ while the large snow can be
‘this world getting (spiritually-) colder — fast’ ; ‘the smokes’ is always ‘breath-air’ ;
the ‘root’ was the problem (?)
… perhaps the ‘moles’ in previous log was not phrased well enough : ofcourse there
are (were) imposters under the 144 but this ‘root’ thing as an aspect to which they
are vulnerable and which can be exploited by – for lack of better words ‘Adam’ ;
it is a tricky and complex subject
but this “root” is perhaps described as ‘the (sexual-) energy that powers someone’ 
physically , mentally , emotionally – and often also spiritually ; and Adam (+Esau)
typically sustain their rule by feeding-off , and clinging tó , this root of Jacob
(especially by holding on through Cham linking to the house Judah as this attribute) ;
sorry for the weird subject – but this may provide some context :
dream (-yesterday)
… again in the far east , driving – with some problems – a familiar old red car through 
the gate of a known place ; then the scene changed and I was a dark street where a
male voice – in the shadow of a church – shouted injuries to me while I walked to the
end of the street to buy some smokes (can’t remember : a brand called ‘Adamah’ ?) ;
this end was very crowded and an unsympathetic guy was hindering the people ;
       the scene changed again — now entering a sports hall (?) packed with standing
       people : but a rather insane man who talked to himself had painted a strip of very
       sticky glue next to the walls inside so that the people were confined (=imprisoned) ;
       I succeeded to cross that line and went after this crazy male who tried to escape
       in his white van , but was stopped by the few of us throwing snowballs at the
       windshield so that his view was blocked
… the ‘red car’ (car=consciousness) was this “root” where the trash bins besides the
gate are the corruption óf this aspect – but it was ‘home’ now 
(and may be confirmed by the ‘root person’ in this morning’s dream) ; 
it explains a lot when ‘the crazy man’ is indeed ‘Adam’ trying to imprison the people 
(the 144) by this his red-brown glue as ‘the root’ , as the same figure that stood in the 
umbra of that church — the latter may be a better description of the ‘mole’ theme ;
the above ramblings however 
can point to a link between ‘root’ and red (-blood) + moon (though not in the sense 
of the natural phenomenon of blood moon) since the moon regulates that root 
as this moon directed by Mystery-Babylon : you can see the subsequent links here 
if ‘the moon becomes blood BECAUSE the root attribute is Safe’ ;
but truth is also that we still need to look for móre proof in the scroll ;
conclusions – so far
… we won’t survive anóther x months , right , and all we have is this ‘3d year’ :
‘trumpets’ – as ‘the appointed time – therefore must have happened ‘3 years ago’ ,
and though we’ve some idea about the context of Atonement (see previous log)
we can’t know her exact date nor that of Booths (=the restoration) ;
however the window till the 8th (-into the 9th) still seems probable …


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