7 september
Esau : “ve âve to pgepare fô a much angrier vorld”
… beneath the surface the vid indeed shows the sentiment downhere —
apart from his dozen created and festered crises – in the vid righteously
called “crimes against society” and even “high Treason” – the soared
energy bill under disguise of his ‘Ukraine war’ hits the population , and for days
now the hashtag #ikredhetnietmeer (#icantsurviveanymore) is trending —
but what daily makes one’s blood boil is hearing him mock Jacob through his
inflicted chaos upon him by means of his on purpose installed fullblown Idiots

called MP’s – all WEF members ofcourse ;
no it won’t help “to demonstrate”
because the psychopaths in charge
could not care less and you know
that Jacob doesn’t stand a chance :
the only solution to get him Out
is through what you and we do ,
as a new Exodus : of Jacob
yet it is so very frustrating that we
are bound by that fckn waiting time
which will kill us first if it can


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