[What Can I Say] To Make You Love Me 1:53

7 april
only one today – CT 236 – but an important Legal one :
the matrix gate can say “me the mouth to be closed (lit. ‘sealed’) nót”
but we just did that by understanding this spell , conform the direct link
to Malachi 1 “who of you will close the (matrix-) gate for Me ?” ;
also an interesting aspect is that he calls himself “the image” ,
which you know from Ezekiel “(the gate-) as the image of jealousy” ;

Sir we lost the will to fight , you know all about that ,
save from the iron intent to disarm the spells by their very own words ,
the fears are numerous : that you wón’t take us when you come ,
that it could be mónths before you come – a waiting time which will kill us ;
…. you said that you open seals when you are satisfied with our understanding ,
and though it doesn’t work like pushing a button do be satisfied with this one
and make the sky to roll up as a scroll because it’s the theme of this seal ….




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