7 December
(doodle is up for the 2nd day now , supporting the interpretation) ;
– it was an attack the past days but it’s bearable now Sir .. you are not unkind –
please revive the soul and then you judge … because with you there is mercy ;
– please support the 144 who try to survive , bending under pressure and pain ;
also – though we haven’t found it written –
you would take to you all the children under age of accountability ,
to not have them go through That Time right after what was done to them already ;
… but if it is a legitimate request ,
perhaps you would take those who now suffer horrendously from Esau’s poison –
it … feels so wrong that on top of that they also would need to go through that Time

the soul grasped as best as she could what is her position towards her deity …
then don’t be too harsh on her for her blindness and her being nescient ,
burdened by this apeframe within this now really abominable Esau matrix
– please restore all these shambles we’re in .. – you promised you would be our deity



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