7 january
posted : Mt.10 [as Lk.10]   : Christ explains the 144     [+first half : the history of Eden]  
… almost ready Mic.7 linked to Mt.10 : totally corrupted but became a readable page ;
included is a side-by-side comparison of text (and written for those of you new here)
dream :
… standing at a very high green hill without trees , and in top of it in front of me was a wide 
hole seemingly running down several hundred yards ;
then a man I hadn’t noticed being next to me – this male in dreams is usually Adam/Esau –
fell into the hole and I saw him breaking through several horizontal “veils” in the hole 
– suddenly I had also jumped [=fallen?]   into that hole ; next thing I know I’m standing at the 
bottom of it having a feeling of utter Terror : because the beings dwelling in this region (?)
would come to attack – so I only want to get OUT asap , and start to float up
        … not sure if this was ‘sceptre’ related – I don’t remember that I held anything ; 
        perhaps it’s just an analogy – because Christ will take the sceptre from them 
– interestingly , someone close just told her dream >10 yrs ago about “a similar hole
wanting to save someone being held in it : but two angels told her ‘that job is not for you’
after which [quote]   “the Rapture happened – and we were above Satan’s command room”   
… ‘command’… – as in sceptre ?
         Majesty … so this will be an incredible long week still … don’t forget us please



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