7 june
posted : most (relevant-) of Dan. 11 – the past 2000 years
(see full title at page) inclusive the NWO in our days ;
it’s a bit toecurling how commentaries make it about 160 BC ;
dream :
… we were with 30 or so youngsters hiking through a hilly forest
and ahead of us a young male – part of us but different – was preparing
our path by immense work as flattening the highest hill peaks ;
per context he must have been Christ 
– a small open spot would be our camp for the night and four youths
entered the place : they had a red (?) mark on their crown and while
entering they said “this will be our covenant (-place)”    —
the moment they exclaimed that four huge demons stood behind me 
and the only information was that they were “four false preachers” 
now the demons as 4 obviously related to the youths some way but
not because ‘of their fault’ : they were sweet because they did journey
and hence they were loved (please remember this !) :
it was more like the 4 demons cling as long they can to the group
and it can explain our exhaustion , right — they just refuse to let go easy
… – since dreams often tell the hidden néxt day it can be this chapter :
the ‘4’ is typical for ‘cardinal points’ as the attribute of the 144 combined
with ‘crowns’ (Zech.) where ofcourse Christ makes the way ; their saying
that ‘this (-earth) is that place’ can link to the 4 demons (=horses?)
but let’s hope that is undone because of restored chapters like this one
… please
forget everything about the above but not the “because they did journey” 
[8 june :]
added to 11 : large section of part I + large section of fulltext



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