7 june
[upd.] perhaps a proper description
is that “something is going on , fundamentally changing positions” ,
and because it doesn’t feel ‘negative’, it must be positive for us


7 juni
posted (full) : 1 John 3 , “the history of our soul”
… repeating (-prophets) how Adam tortured our Originals ,
yet the chapter closing contains a new element ;

during today … a feeling of dread mixed with panic started to manifest ,
but not as “the soul feeling the awe of God”, nor “that she fears Him”,
nor that she is dreading evil entities — it’s not about the soul , at ALL :
… therefore it can only be “evil entities who feel the dread”
(it is similar to something that happened over two decades ago) ;
the thing is
that this panic dread manifests “in the centre of the chest” —
as far we have understood (but that is a too long story for here) ,
is that “the soul will be restored in the centre of her Original”,
therefore the centre-place of the soul “is in the centre of the chest” :
… which is directly related to ‘breath’ and ‘life’ ,
compare how God breathed Adam to life
(and this centre concept must also be valid for spirit-souls + body) ;
however ,
in our physical body – made by Adam – the soul is off-centred ,
residing as imprisoned within the heart (so not in the chest as centre) ,
where the entity ruling the soul resides in the centre of this body —
compare why ‘demons’ in a possessed one talk ‘through his own breath’ ;
therefore we can only hope
is that this panicking , paralyzing dread is of Adam …
– Sir , today please .. do it today
before we collapse


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