7 march
posted : Mt.17 : the Transfiguration IS our birthday as [95% sure-] at Unleavened

… the Adam-Ptolemy page had to wait a little — this one was much more important :
though gruesomely corrupted her buildup and theme is entirely restored now ,
making our Date 9 wks from now more than probable
added : how Esau dumped the Ascension (-as closing) elsewhere

[3/9 :]
… still some delay in the Adam-Ptolemy one ; however , 
we thought that you may be interested in “your new title” 
– see pinned occult Ritual for details —
and please wear it with honor (grin)
for you must be doing somethin’ right : 
you have officially been declared anathemas  by Esau
[3/10 :]
posted : full : part I – Ptolemy II page

finally  succeeded , and intro is a bit upgraded now ;
we think it a most interesting page and very readable ;
— to right : apart from being a favorite track long time ago
you immediately understand now from where  come these
(rather simple) symbols and what they are maintaining  —
since you know all the background of them … 



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