9 april
Mt. 25 : ‘ten virgins’ parable : posted : part III



8 april
dream : the inauguration
… a railroad had been constructed (by us?) in a steep valley ;
the track came down from a high place (sic!) in the East ,
and virtually all of it was supported by a concrete wall >>>
… – standing at where this track énded in the valley ,
two persons sat waiting as if they descended from the east ;
they were Trump and Obama , and i heared somewhere (?)
the line “in 2 nights will be the inauguration” ;
yet then I saw a 2 (3?) ft gap still missed of the concrete wall ,
and wondered whether I could fix that in time
– ‘inauguration’ means “to install a concept”, but linked to -augur ,
which has the strange connotation with “sightseers” :
is this “the inauguration of the (evil-) Dualistic realm” (-on earth) ,
as the one having come now from the high place in the East ?
do not pin us upon the ‘two days’ (=yet that is also ‘dual’ ?)

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8 april
completed : page : Esau having corrupted the scroll (Lk.20)



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