8 december
Esau’s CoJona Ritual , Isaiah 9 and Revelation 9
… we’re still fighting with this theme —
we know it is a Ritual against the 144,000 ,
first because of the “stealing the crown” , Rev. 3
(to right : you are now immune for that crown) ;
second because of the mouth-diaper aspect ,
linked to the “opening of the mouth” theme
(in prophets literally given as legal right to the sons ,
compare glyph SAIu SET “bandages over the mouth”) ;
(DM UK co , 8 dec)

… but we have the strange gut feeling that his Covid was the setup fór his ‘vaccine’ ,
the latter as the real goal – namely “to numb the souls totally — by causing neurologic defects” ;
or in other words , “to have people lose contact with their soul – lose contact with their core”
(and compare the line in Rev.9 “they did not repent from their sorceries (=pharmaceikos !)’

… you may want to look into the theme ‘prions’ ;
[QUOTE / – POPSCI , 2011 , about “creating a zombie society” :]
“Now, if we are thinking like evil geniuses (sic, hR) set on global destruction , the trick is
going to be (but written in 2011, hR) attaching a prion to a virus , because prion diseases
are fairly easy to contain within the population (sic, hR) . To make things more apocalyptic ,
we need a virus that spreads quickly (or a vaccine, hR) and will carry the prions to the
frontal lobe and the cerebellum . Targeting the infection to these areas is going to be difficult ,
but it’s essential for creating the shambling , dim-witted creature we expect

… you will see how these ‘neurological disorders’ are not just in the head but also affecting the spine
(Esau’s more recent articles turn the blame upon his “cóvid” causing those disorders ,
but read : Esau prepares here what will be THE RESULT of his vaccinations) :
“31% had altered mental states , such as confusion or prolonged unconsciousness”,
[…and in the younger group..] patients having acute changes in mental status
that are not otherwise explained”
            [<< quote : Nature , 15 sept 2020]

– you know that we desire to keep God’s word as much intact as possible
if he says that “people will not repent from their sorceries (=pharmaceikos)” in Revelation 9 ,
it’s up to US to find a Link to a palpable reason whý he said that :
…. and we immediately must consider the phrase “(becáuse) they rejected the message”
as told in Is.9 — because the impendent deception must be the consequence OF that rejection

these are tough topics to try understand
we just gave you food for thought – please ponder



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