8 December
very likely Haggai 2 is supported by Zecheriah  7 !!
… bit long – but you won’t be dissapointed ;
we post it here cause we don’t know if we’ll have time left to do chapter 7 ;
we just didn’t know hów to justify the weird unscriptural number ‘9’ in Haggai ,
but today showed that we overlooked H8672 ‘9’ as a secondary of H8671 ‘9’ ;
and though Zech.7 is ofcourse very corrupted  (and has only 14 lines – why ?) ,
a number of used terms are the same like in Haggai 2 :
… first off , Zecheriah never has interaction with his contemporary people
so the theme can only be the two houses – the 144 , also because in the
previous chapter 6 the four horses left for earth : as our situation now !
very rough first outline of 7 :
line 1 ,
… “in the fourth year of Darius” , we saw in Hag. 2 that this must be “third” ,
“in the fourth [day] of the ninth month” : in Hag. 2 “(twenty-) four of the ninth” ;
line 3 ,
… “speak to the priests (=sons !) who were weeping in the fifth (=7th !) month”
(namely the feast of Trumpets in the official calendar) , this line could end with
“they did (=(did) not understand) what ? (=why) nothing happened” ;
and compare the buildup of Hag. 2 and Is. 22 ;
line 4 ,
… now IEUE starts answering this problem ;
line 5 ,
…”you fasted (=waited) the fifth=first of the seventh as the seven fast (=feasts)”,
line 7 ,
…”they must call (=read ; qra=qr) the words of IEUE through his prophets” ,
(rest of line unclear yet – as a conditional “I will take you from earth , when..” ?) ;
line 9 ,
…”judge you ! kindness (=the moon ? ; chsd=chdsh)”  
“and do you (=I will save you ? ; osh=iash) brother (=after ? ; achi=achr)” ;
line 10-14 ,
very unsure still : in 10 “he (‘moon’) oppresses (‘imprisons’) the soul” ? ,
in 12 “place your heart” , same phrase as used in Haggai 2 ; 
all used roots and lineup in 10-14 is an absolute mess ;
the chance that this Zech. 7 has the same theme as Hag. 2 is astronomical !

why this unusual ‘number 9’ related to ‘a moon’ …?
… only two valid contexts show up when searching the ‘nine’ :
the first is related to “the destruction of 500 BC Jerusalem by Nebuchadnessar”,
where we saw in the Jeremiah chapters that this destruction was also 
a foreshadowing of the destruction of this earth in the end time
(exact dates can be corrupted there – fact is that “9” shows several times) ;
and the second
is Ez. 24 , “the date when Thoth (‘Nebuchadnessar’) invaded eden paradise” ;
and it somehow makes sense
that God would execute the payback upon the matrix in a similar “9th” ;
yet fitting – as fractal – WITHIN the seven months calendar timeframe ;

the second aspect “moon” is linked to “the 30 silvers” , also in Zecheriah 
(though yes we need to revise all these chapters again) ,
related to “the eden moon” : yet NOT as ‘celestial object (-of eden)’ 
but as … “a glow (‘as defense’) surrounding the eden-cornerstone”   —
the theme is tricky but see spells and Rg-veda pages what we got so far ;
either way ,
it makes sense that the evil realm attacked the eden-moon , first 
(and compare how Thoth’s – the fallen archangel – attribute is “the moon god”) ,
and in turn , God will undo their realm by overthrowing théir moon , first ;

the two types matrix moons : 
… the past weeks we chased “that thing” what is related to this earth ,
because indeed it is an artificial construct related to their solarplane 
and — ultimately — linked to “their invisible moon in their other reality”   
(which is their “red (-blue) sun” in the glyph ÁKHT ‘house of the horizon’
as their gate region north of eden ; in Rg-veda termed ‘candramas’) ;
but we chased this one
because of the context “the sun going dark and the moon turning blood-red” ,
as celestial objects which then must be – by definition – already visible to us ;
either way ,
because prophet chapters about this theme were so corrupted ,
it is safe now to have declared both type of their moons ,
though we expect that He just wanted us to name “the moon theme”
(alike declaring ‘this sun Râ’ – see the Isaiah sun-chapters) ;
closing :
‘the ninth month’ – but which exact day …?
… same problem here – the incredible corruptions ; 
Zech 7: 1 writes “the fourth of the ninth”   (that is our TODAY and TOMORROW !) ,
but then again ‘4’ is an equally strange number ;
and though it seems to us that the date could not cróss the solstice date ,
we’ve no idea – not even by context – what the original text could have said

all that we know – get us out Sir please …. not next week … now



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