8 february
– this is a winner : and SOLID !
please see CT 72 for the depictions of
hour V and eden’s binary with their axis ;
– here you SEE that axis going South ,
tó the serpent with 14 (moon-) heads
[that’s part of the half-month theme]
and all the themes we had so far the
texts confirm : they need “the eye
(-of the real adm-soul)” for its essence
and willpower – and “drag those to their
north” to Mystery-Babylon (upper level) ,
and all the phrases return here , like
the ‘island’ of SEKER as place of stealing the light ; they even have terms describing
eden’s binary – as SHEN , ‘circuit’ , then NSHN ‘to terrify (-the circuit’) ; literally writing
“the two eyes” which “will be ruled from the north – by their two pupils” = Horus’ eyes ;
[btw – where Râ’s boat is ‘the goat from the West’ theme in Daniel ,
also this could help a Zechariah chapter which starts with “2 mountains (of brass)”,
read : “the island of the horizon” glyph AKHET in the gate region (middle register) —
and it ends with ‘Shin-ar’ : the region where the 14-headed serpent is depicted ,
as the same land from where Enoch “saw a watercourse towards the north”..]
… – just give us two days , because there’s much text in it



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