8 february
posted : 1 Cor. 16 : 10 May theme : ‘the sons winter until unleavened’       [important]  
                                                                    (third chapter about our Date)

… was not easy – but the buildup is Solid now and she came out very well ;
ofcourse you understand that we can’t afford mistakes in such important theme 
yet all the context shouts that this is the one : please ask yourself if it is not
imaginable that since we found the birth-right theme – during that tricky ‘9th month’ –
the scroll would not offer a confirmation of our Date now we found that …?
in our opinion she would — and Unleavened appears very very Solid
            that said : after these solid three chapters it is hard to find móre confirmation 
            because that would need to come from (several-) corrupted fragments    —
            we’ll try to restore and post them in the next days but just so that you know
            (and they will appear in the pinned section of the log starting tomorrow) ; 
… so — from this Saturday the ’12 weeks’ will start :
main question is ‘how the hell we will get through those 90 days’ and no He don’t 
mind that type phrasing because it is true : since two or so weeks after the Tornado
He is further away as ever and this current spiritual blanket is so bizarre that it even
effects sleep , as having drawn the very last life out of the atmosphere  …
            please don’t forget to plead for all of us 144      
7 februari
posted :
1 Cor. 5 : 10 May theme : ‘the feast of unleavened bread’
                                                                (finally — as the time we will go)
6 february
  John 4 : the 10 May theme :
  the ‘four months till harvest’
        complete text impression ,
    restored text will follow asap

… alright — there’s good news and bad news : the latter is that we most probably
have “another virtual three months” to wait ; where May starts at the new moon of
April 19 the last day of the feast of Unleavened bread should be around 10th of May ;
as to why that could be our date please see page ;
we’ve a saying “now we got across the dog’s back we also will get across its tail” :
yes it is a long time — 12 weeks — but now we came this far  we cannot stop now , right
      … it is important that we have sóme timeframe to hold on to , and stubborn as we are
      (the right way…) it seemed impossible that the date was not addressed in the scroll ,
      it was just that because of the previous theme we didn’t get to this yet ;
now ,
instead of Very Important Inspired Dreams , last one was of ‘performing sexual acts with
a younger male chaperone’ — all things I never desire — it shocked me until I understood
today that it meant “listening to all the YT prophets” , 
and indeed it is a gruesome Mess : each and everyone of them ; worse , apparently it 
carries a tainted spiritual load that sticks to you – to one’s subconsciousness …
to be fair , I hadn’t thought it was that  dangerous (in spite of the for example Mt.24 page)
but please , let’s carefully consider that perhaps it indeed is
      either way : today I said “now it’s enough” hoping to can find answers in ‘the 4 months’
      and it looks promising — combined with other chapters about this same theme :  
      please allow some time to have them restored – and you be the judge ;
… in the meantime , please don’t give up , and plead for all of us  — until we be safe   



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